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The German Shepherd strikes again: ReDirkuolous

I’m from Dallas. You could say I’ve got a rather hefty professional-sports chip on my shoulder: First we endured the epic fall-from-grace of the once mighty Cowboys (and now their half-hearted, mildly embarrassing attempt at resurrection). Then we suffered through the Mavericks chronic bought of choking-in-the-finals syndrome. And then there was a somewhat controversial incident in … Continue reading

Five reasons women cannot make decisions

Women are notoriously indecisive. I’m just as guilty as the next girl when it comes to deciding on the minutia of my day-to-day life. Sometimes I annoy myself with my inability to make even the simplest decisions. My boyfriend will attest to this if you think I’m exaggerating. Asking a man any of the following … Continue reading

Rhianna vs The Stones: It’s On

* Full disclosure: I am not a music blogger…I don’t know the birth dates, astronomical signs and preferred instruments of every musician since Bach, but I do listen to music and read a lot about it, so I think that makes me semi-qualified to make general observations. Please don’t be mean if I wrote something … Continue reading

How not to make a spectacle of yourself in public, Part 1: Baseball Games

There aren’t many things that proclaim the coming of summer in quite the same way as attending a major league baseball game. Sure, you still have your first watermelon of the season, Memorial Day and the blessed re-appearance of sun dresses, but after a long, cold, slushy, grey winter, nothing seems more joyous than heading … Continue reading

carbs: a love story.

They get a bad rap, carbs. I, for one, appreciate a well-toasted bagel. No amount of hype or celebrity fad-diets will convince me that white bread is the devil or that whole-wheat tortillas are better than the flour ones that leave warm dust on your hands. Nope. Nothing-doing, Kirstey Alley. My love of all things flour-based … Continue reading

And now, a note on personal space.

Ah, the heat. The silence, the blessed absence of phones ringing, and the little pink-and-orange Lululemon mat that will be the extent of my world for the next 90 minutes. Hot yoga is something that I whole-heartedly endorse. It makes me feel better, makes me crave such oddities as steamed spinach, and I would be … Continue reading

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