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Why is your kid in my yoga class?

I don’t have kids yet. In fact, I’m not even married, so perhaps I just don’t understand the need some parents have to bring their children everywhere. Here’s the kicker: I like kids. I do. They’re funny, endearing, dirty little miniature humans. Also, they’re adorable and fun to play with. But I’m eternally confounded by the … Continue reading

Everybody has a favorite something. Here’s how to cope when it’s discontinued (because it will be).

It could be a t-shirt, a pair of khakis, perfume, cologne, a tie, a pair of shoes or a little black dress. Everybody has a favorite something, and in my experience people spend a significant amount of time in search of their ever-elusive favorite thing. Maybe it’s because the article of clothing being replaced has … Continue reading

Ready for Part II?

Hello! As of Friday afternoon, I will be roasting in the Caribbean sunshine, giving me the perfect opportunity for a little blog-related reconnaissance. How does “How not to make a spectacle of yourself in public Part II: The Beach,” sound? I’m certain that the beach will yield more questionable behavior, abominable clothing choices and poorly … Continue reading

And suddenly we grew up…or did we…

I attended the engagement party of a good friend this past weekend. We all got dressed up, drank sparkling sangria and snacked on finger foods beneath twinkle lights and a yellow summertime moon. Overall, it was an odd and lovely experience. As I looked around, I couldn’t help but ask myself some soul-searching questions: Are these are … Continue reading

The Left Lane: An Open Letter to My Fellow Drivers

Dear Drivers, Lately, I have observed some truly heinous acts of poor driving. Living in a big city, I accept that there are simply too many people for our humble highways to handle, and that our over-worked police force has better things to do than mediate road rage-fueled fender benders during morning rush hour. Which … Continue reading

Extra! Extra! Get your crime-thriller novel fix here!

On average, I’m reading anywhere from three to eight books at a time. Occasionally I’ll become completely engrossed in a book, leaving the rest to languish on my nightstand, while other times I’ll read in fits and bursts, taking weeks or months to complete one measly book. Typically summer break was when I got down to … Continue reading

The best peach ice cream you’ll ever taste

Making ice cream is somewhat of a summer tradition in my family. Every summer, my grandpa would break out his crotchety old ice cream maker, load it up with ice and salt and let it spin. It was the noisiest kitchen appliance known to man, and it could very well be an antique, but it … Continue reading

Family reunion etiquette for dummies

Family reunions, like bikini season and the holidays, are known to induce either dead panic or sheer joy. You’re either a lucky member of one of those elite, near-extinct broods in which rousing games of Jenga and long walks dominate the reunion schedule, or you belong to a less happy-go-lucky clan, where an odd assortment of bossy … Continue reading

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