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The best peach ice cream you’ll ever taste

Making ice cream is somewhat of a summer tradition in my family. Every summer, my grandpa would break out his crotchety old ice cream maker, load it up with ice and salt and let it spin. It was the noisiest kitchen appliance known to man, and it could very well be an antique, but it produced the most delectable ice cream I’ve ever had. You will notice that this recipe isn’t exactly “diet friendly;” skim milk and low-fat whipping cream may be substituted, but the resulting frozen treat won’t be nearly as creamy and delicious. Also, it’s a family secret. Don’t tell my grandma.

For any first-time ice cream makers:

1) Motor 2) Lid 3) Paddle 4) Ice cream can 5)Bucket

I also strongly recommend assembling the ice cream maker outside once you’re done in the kitchen.

You will need:

4-quart (1 gallon) electric ice cream maker

12 ripe peaches (you can use pretty much any fruit).

6 eggs

2 cups whole milk

2 pints heavy whipping cream

1 cup sugar (for sweeter ice cream add an extra 1/2 cup sugar).

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons vanilla

1 box ice cream salt

2-3 bags of ice


1) Peel and chop peaches. Place peaches in a bowl and mash using a pastry blender. If you prefer smoother ice cream (no fruit chunks), blend fruit in a food processor.

2) Combine eggs, milk, sugar and salt in large microwave-safe bowl. Place mixture in microwave for 5 minutes, stirring every minute or so to break up any curd forming on the top. This step can also be done on the stove-top; cook for 5-10 minutes stirring continuously.

3) Remove mixture from stove-top or microwave and add whipping cream and vanilla.

4) Stir well, and add mashed fruit.

**Make sure that the paddle is already in the ice cream can before you pour the ice cream mixture in. I promise it’s a lot less messy to do it this way.**

5) Pour ice cream mixture into ice cream can.

6) Place the lid on the ice cream can and place can in the bucket.

7) Place the motor on top of the can- make sure it’s latched on correctly. Plug in the motor so the can starts spinning.

8 ) Add about 2 inches of ice around the spinning can, then sprinkle some ice cream salt on top of the ice. Repeat, working in layers, until you reach the top of the can. You will need to have an “ice monitor” to replenish the ice and salt as it melts down.

9) Continue this process until the the can starts slowing down. When it stops, un-plug the motor, pack ice on top of the can- be sure to cover it up- and wrap the whole shebang with a tarp or old table cloth to keep as much heat out as you can. Wait about 20 minutes, and you’re ready to dig in. Make sure you have enough spoons.


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