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Mark Zuckerburg, I’m warning you: Leave my facebook alone.

  According to various news outlets, blogs and a smattering of newsfeed posts, Mark Zuckerburg is about to change social networking yet again. Only, by “change social networking,” they mean “pry the lid of your carefully curated and closely guarded Facebook profile and generally piss everyone off.” I’d been hearing whispers of this Timeline phenomenon for … Continue reading

happy bd <3 ya, g-ma

There are few things left in the world that are absolutes: death, taxes, mini dogs in purses and a birthday card in the mail from your grandma. I always look forward to those saccharine, glitter-encrusted cards, invariably (but lovingly) sealed in a pink envelope. When I was little there would be a dollar bill for however old … Continue reading

News got you down? Here’s some things to smile about.

I keep reading that people my age (25-ish) are a selfish, egomaniacal, socially inept group of individuals with bad attitudes and even worse work ethics. As an unselfish, non-egomaniacal twentysomething with an excellent work ethic and whose social skills are in perfect working condition, I’ve been asking myself where all this animosity is coming from. I think … Continue reading

It’s State Fair Season! Might I recommend the fried butter?

It’s state fair season, y’all. The 2011 Big Tex Choice Awards winners were released today for the most creative and best-tasting fried foods (big difference) to be launched upon thousands of hungry fair-goers at the 125th annual State Fair of Texas. That’s right, step right up, folks, because beginning on September 30 you’ll be able to nosh on Fried Bubblegum and … Continue reading

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