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Mark Zuckerburg, I’m warning you: Leave my facebook alone.

  According to various news outlets, blogs and a smattering of newsfeed posts, Mark Zuckerburg is about to change social networking yet again. Only, by “change social networking,” they mean “pry the lid of your carefully curated and closely guarded Facebook profile and generally piss everyone off.” I’d been hearing whispers of this Timeline phenomenon for … Continue reading

It’s State Fair Season! Might I recommend the fried butter?

It’s state fair season, y’all. The 2011 Big Tex Choice Awards winners were released today for the most creative and best-tasting fried foods (big difference) to be launched upon thousands of hungry fair-goers at the 125th annual State Fair of Texas. That’s right, step right up, folks, because beginning on September 30 you’ll be able to nosh on Fried Bubblegum and … Continue reading

Are you really going to eat that?

It all started with brussles sprouts. I was at the grocery picking up things for dinner when I decided to make my famous roasted brussels sprouts. I headed back to produce with my friend to pick up a package, and as I stood in the asile blocking traffic scanning the ice-packed rows of veggies, I spotted what appeared … Continue reading

Here’s what you won’t learn in college.

I have been out of college for a year and a half, which as any relatively new grad will tell you, is an absolute eternity. I would fork over the entire (albiet measley) contents of my checking account to pack up my cubicle and head back to school. I’d even live in the dorm. But … Continue reading

Common sense, in memoriam

As a member of adult society, there are certain things that you expect other adults to know. Don’t cut in line at Starbucks (or any line, for that matter), “cash only” really does mean “cash only”, and a diet comprised solely of food obtained through the window of your car is a sure-fire way to get … Continue reading

Tomato, to-mah-to. Either way, you can have ’em.

The tomato and I have a lousy relationship. One of us is always turning up in the wrong place, making for awkward silences and furtive glances across the table. Tomato growers are a proud bunch, whether they were grown in USDA certified organic top soil and watered exclusively with hand-harvested morning dew or they came … Continue reading

It’s 104 degrees outside. 10 reasons why that’s a good thing.

It was 104 degrees yesterday. For those of you unfamiliar with the searing inferno that is a Texas summer, allow me to enlighten you: 104 degrees means you don’t go outside during the day unless absolutely necessary. 104 degrees means if you don’t wait a full five minutes with the AC on full-blast before you touch your seatbelt … Continue reading

How not to make a spectacle of yourself in public Part 2: The Beach

There are few places on the planet that induce such blissful childlike idiocy as the beach. I should know. As I write, I am sitting in the airport on an unnamed Caribbean island, headed back towards the bikini-less, sand-less, everyday-ness called home, and reflecting on the the oddities particular to beach culture. A week ago … Continue reading

Why is your kid in my yoga class?

I don’t have kids yet. In fact, I’m not even married, so perhaps I just don’t understand the need some parents have to bring their children everywhere. Here’s the kicker: I like kids. I do. They’re funny, endearing, dirty little miniature humans. Also, they’re adorable and fun to play with. But I’m eternally confounded by the … Continue reading

And suddenly we grew up…or did we…

I attended the engagement party of a good friend this past weekend. We all got dressed up, drank sparkling sangria and snacked on finger foods beneath twinkle lights and a yellow summertime moon. Overall, it was an odd and lovely experience. As I looked around, I couldn’t help but ask myself some soul-searching questions: Are these are … Continue reading

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