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Mark Zuckerburg, I’m warning you: Leave my facebook alone.

  According to various news outlets, blogs and a smattering of newsfeed posts, Mark Zuckerburg is about to change social networking yet again. Only, by “change social networking,” they mean “pry the lid of your carefully curated and closely guarded Facebook profile and generally piss everyone off.” I’d been hearing whispers of this Timeline phenomenon for … Continue reading

happy bd <3 ya, g-ma

There are few things left in the world that are absolutes: death, taxes, mini dogs in purses and a birthday card in the mail from your grandma. I always look forward to those saccharine, glitter-encrusted cards, invariably (but lovingly) sealed in a pink envelope. When I was little there would be a dollar bill for however old … Continue reading

News got you down? Here’s some things to smile about.

I keep reading that people my age (25-ish) are a selfish, egomaniacal, socially inept group of individuals with bad attitudes and even worse work ethics. As an unselfish, non-egomaniacal twentysomething with an excellent work ethic and whose social skills are in perfect working condition, I’ve been asking myself where all this animosity is coming from. I think … Continue reading

College football for dummies (listen up, A&M)

I’m a Texas girl. That means several things: I say “y’all”, barbecue is a food group, pecan is pronounced “pe-cahn” not “pee-can” and I wait as anxiously for the beginning of college football season as I do for the temperature to drop below 100 degrees. I went to a Big 12 school and our Saturdays were … Continue reading

She’s lost that loving feeling. Man, I hate it when she does that.

A song came on the radio recently that immediately induced a huge smile and sudden desire to call someone to tell them that the Sandlot song was on the radio. Not “Green Onions” by Booker T and the MGs/Tom Petty, but the song from the Sandlot (sorry, Tom).  This doesn’t happen all that often, but there are some songs … Continue reading

I’ve been bitten by the fall shopping bug.

The fall shopping bug attacks as suddenly and as viciously as the flu. I came down with it this morning while sitting at my desk. One moment I was fine, the next I simply couldn’t tear my mind away from the delicious colors and textures that tease from window displays, fill my in-box and herald cooler … Continue reading

Are you really going to eat that?

It all started with brussles sprouts. I was at the grocery picking up things for dinner when I decided to make my famous roasted brussels sprouts. I headed back to produce with my friend to pick up a package, and as I stood in the asile blocking traffic scanning the ice-packed rows of veggies, I spotted what appeared … Continue reading

Here’s what you won’t learn in college.

I have been out of college for a year and a half, which as any relatively new grad will tell you, is an absolute eternity. I would fork over the entire (albiet measley) contents of my checking account to pack up my cubicle and head back to school. I’d even live in the dorm. But … Continue reading

Common sense, in memoriam

As a member of adult society, there are certain things that you expect other adults to know. Don’t cut in line at Starbucks (or any line, for that matter), “cash only” really does mean “cash only”, and a diet comprised solely of food obtained through the window of your car is a sure-fire way to get … Continue reading

Tomato, to-mah-to. Either way, you can have ’em.

The tomato and I have a lousy relationship. One of us is always turning up in the wrong place, making for awkward silences and furtive glances across the table. Tomato growers are a proud bunch, whether they were grown in USDA certified organic top soil and watered exclusively with hand-harvested morning dew or they came … Continue reading

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